Aerial Classes

Aerial Fabric/Silks

Aerial silks (also called aerial fabric) is a special strength-tested fabric that hangs in two long tails from a single rig point at the ceiling. In aerial silks classes, you will learn how to climb, invert on the fabric, create beautiful shapes and wraps, and eventually, as you progress, learn dramatic drops, dives, and flips in the air.

Aerial Hoop/Lyra

Aerial hoop (also called Lyra) is a classic and beautiful circus apparatus. In Aerial Hoop classes you’ll learn a variety of poses and transitions inside, below, and eventually, above and around the outside of the hoop.


Trapeze is a steel bar connected to either one or two points at the ceiling by two ropes. It’s a classic circus apparatus made popular in old-time circuses. In trapeze classes, you’ll learn various skills and movements below and on the bar and, as you progress, above the bar and in the ropes.

Intro to Aerial Series must be completed before attending any Level 1 class. If you have prior aerial experience outside of our studio, please contact us.

Intro to Aerial Arts

Learn the basics of each Aerial Apparatus

Brand new to Aerial? Start with our Intro To Aerial Arts Series. This series is designed for total beginners, zero prior experience needed. These 3 classes will teach everyone the fundamentals of aerial arts, and prepare you to take our Drop-In classes. Each week we will focus on one of our aerial apparatuses: Aerial Fabric/Silks, Aerial Hoop/Lyra & Trapeze.

Youth Aerial Classes

Students between the ages of 8 and 12 years will be introduced to the foundations of each of the following Aerial Apparatuses: Aerial Fabric/Silks, Aerial Hoop/Lyra, and Trapeze

Open Aerial Practice

Practice what you have been learning in Aerial class in this supervised session. Practice times are subject to approval depending on available space and apparatuses. Must be reserved 1 hour in advance. You can email or call to check availability if within 1 hr of desired time.

Rules for Open Aerial Practice

Not a student at Ancient City Aerial Arts? No problem…Just send us a vidoe of your skills (an IG or FB account will do) Practice times are booked are subject to cancellation depending on proof of skills learned elsewhere

Ground Classes

Beginner Bellydance

This class is for students new to bellydance. Class is designed with the absolute beginner in mind, no dance experience needed! Beginner Bellydance introduces students to the basic movement vocabulary of belly dance including hip work, shimmies, traveling steps and beautiful arm work in a fun, supportive and relaxed environment. Enter the wonderful world of belly dance!

Bellydance Drills and Combos

This class is for students who have completed Beginner Bellydance or already have knowledge of basic bellydance vocabulary. We’ll go through a series of drills to keep our skills sharp and finish with a fun combo.

Focused Flexibility

This class teaches you proper and safe techniques to enhance your flexibility. From increased ability to perform functional movement to advanced flexibility that can be translated to your practices.


This floor-based class teaches you how to understand and find balance upside-down in handstands, headstands and other arm balances. You will practice core conditioning, wrist prep and alignment exercises that prepare all levels for inversions.

Dance It Out

This is an open level dance fitness class where we’re dancing, sweating, and getting strong.